Sentences on Photography by Torbjørn Rødland:

1. The muteness of a photograph matters as much
    as its ability to speak.

2. The juxtaposition of photographs matters as much
    as the muteness of each.

3. All photography fattens. Objectifcation is inescapable.

4. Photography cannot secure the integrity of its subject
    any more than it can satisfy the need to touch or taste.

5. Good ideas are easily bungled.

6. Banal ideas can be rescued by personal investment
    and beautiful execution.

7. Lacking an appealing surface, a photograph should
    depict surfaces appealingly.

8. A photograph that refuses to market anything but
    its own complexities is perverse. Perversion is bliss.

9. A backlit object is a pregnant object.

10. To disregard symbols is to disregard a part of
      human perception.

11. Photography may employ tools and characteristics of
      reportage without being reportage.

12. The only photojournalistic images that remain interesting
      are the ones that produce or evoke myths.

13. A photographer in doubt will get better results than a
      photographer caught up in the freedom of irony.

14. The aestheticizing eye is a distant eye. The melancholic
      eye is a distant eye. The ironic eye is a distant eye.

15. One challenge in photography is to outdistance distance.
      Immersion is key.

16. Irony may be applied in homeopathic doses.

17. A lyrical photograph should be aware of its absurdity.
      Lyricism grows from awareness.

18. For the photographer, everyone and everything is a model,
      including the photograph itself.

19. The photography characterized by these sentences is
      informed by conceptual art.

20. The photography characterized by these sentences is not
      conceptual photography.

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